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Michelle's work is available at:

Saks Art Gallery
3019 East 2nd Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Vail International Gallery
761 100 East Meadow Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657

Morris & Whiteside Galleries
220 Cordillo Parkway
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Shaw Gallery
761 Fifth Ave South
Naples, FL 34102

Eisenhauer Galleries
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Block Island, RI

In my paintings, I am trying to communicate the feeling of a place. Everywhere I look, I see flashes of color. The flashes of color come through me to represent the culture, the environment, the personality of that person and surroundings.

I want to capture life and movement because life is movement and movement is life. My paint dances across the canvas, because I hope to express the sanctity of life with an powerful figure on my canvas.

Michelle Torrez

 Fairies and Fireflies     Michelle Torrez - Fairies And Fireflies
Michelle Torrez - Forward Together    Forward Together
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